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June 13, 2002
Volume I, Issue 3
Fringe Clippings
A Fair Trade
Associated Press - The U.S. Golf Association will present an ambulance to the Fire Department of New York in appreciation of its heroic efforts on Sept. 11. During a ceremony preceding the U.S. Open, the USGA will then accept for its museum a golf ball found at Ground Zero.
Howell Dresses Like a ...
Associated Press - Charles Howell III has finalized his sponsorship agreement with clothier J. Lindeberg. According to Johan Lindeberg, the collection's founder and creative director, Howell is one of the few players on tour with a style and charisma that complements Jesper Parnevik, the collection's other "ambassador."
Applause Please!
Golf Week - Mike Langella of Manasquan, NJ, received the key to the city of St. Petersburg, FL, after he played a par three at the city's Mangrove Bay Golf Course. It was the 48th continental state that he had played a par three in, in just 16 days. He was raising money for golf scholarship funds. The round started on May 20 in Denver and covered more than 8,575 yards, four time zones, more than 12,000 road miles, and 384 hours.
Paralysis by Analysis

Gaining skill in chipping is perhaps one of golf's most important components to improve scoring for the amateur.

Why you ask?

Simple. The average amateur is not particularly adept at hitting greens in regulation and in order to make that all elusive par, the golfer must be able to chip the ball close. First we must define the term chipping. (Note this is a loose definition and may not hold up in any court!)

Chipping: A shot in golf from no more than twenty yards off the putting green requiring touch and creativity in order to make the ball stop as close to the hole as possible.

So if you can make the ball stop close to the hole your chances of one-putting the green are increased. This is good!

The chipping stroke should, in most cases, emulate a good putting stroke: mostly shoulders and very little wrist action. This motion can be seen best when watching pros like Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia play a fairway wood from off the green.

Speaking of the fairway wood off the green, this is a very creative shot not intended for the faint of heart. Most amateurs would do well to select a seven iron or eight iron when they can bump and run the ball to the hole and a pitching wedge or sand wedge when a soft landing is required.

Be sure to pick out a target landing area and have a read on which way the ball will break once it starts to roll.

Chipping well can easily reduce your strokes per round by three to five. Practice this shot for at least fifteen minutes of your practice time per hour. It will help you to understand breaks in the green and speed control involved in getting the ball close!

Quick tips:
  • Swing with shoulders
  • Use putting stoke
  • Be creative when chipping
Reading the Line
      The Bethpage Black is quite a course. For once the USGA deserves to be given its kudos. They have screwed up quite a few times in recent memory but being that they announced the Bethpage designation in 1996 they have truly redeemed themselves.

      Has anyone else noticed that for once someone else is getting as much airtime as Tiger, when he is in the field? I mean that Elin Nordegren is one unbelievable golf personality isn't she? Yes, Tiger's Norwegian slice is incredible.

      Ok, its time to come clean. I have no idea who Chris Smith is.

      Congratulations Chris Smith! Wow! Your first tour victory, your first tears, your first camera time. Oops! Those didn't go well together did they?

      Will someone please give Pat Perez a Valium or something? That kid is going to burst an artery one of these days. Please don't ever let him qualify for a Ryder Cup. Those of you with some imagination could see that one playing itself out.

      Sources say Parnevik and Howell may wear matching, patriotic-themed red, white and blue ensembles for the U.S. Open next week at Bethpage. I am as patriotic as the next guy but c'mon...

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