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June 26, 2002
Volume I, Issue 4
Fringe Clippings
Ya think?
Associated Press - FootJoy has given up on its "Golf Gods" ad campaign, which debuted earlier this year and featured PGA Tour players as animated superheroes. For some reason Footjoy felt that the spots did not quite "resonate with their core audience."
Some guys just do it right
Newsday - Craig Currier, the superintendent for last week's United States Open at Bethpage State Park, took advantage of the very special time he was a part of. Following the trophy presentation, he proposed to his girlfriend Joanna Ryan. "I went from speaking to Tiger Woods on the 18th green to getting engaged 45 minutes later," Currier said. "It was pretty overwhelming."
Here we grow
Golf Week - Participation in golf during the five-year period 1996 to 2001 increased 15 percent, the fourth-highest growth rate among recreational activities tracked by the National Sporting Goods Association.
Golf Week - LPGA rookie, 19-year-old Natalie Gulbis, seems like a great young lady and a nice addition to the tour. Earlier this month at the Kellogg-Keebler Classic, she was put on the clock on her second shot of the second round, 18th hole. After the round she was instructed to add two strokes for slow play. Her threesome included Nancy Lopez and Becky Iverson. The threesome was slow in part because Lopez was playing poorly and getting noisy ovations on every hole. When Gulbis innocently inquired in the scoring area whether the whole group was being penalized, Iverson told her, "Just you, princess."
Paralysis by Analysis
Be cool
Summer heat can be a serious problem for golfers. One main reason is hydration. Let's face it; some of us, on occasion might partake in a beverage with spirits (only to be social) while golfing. For those of you who do not quite remember spring break for some reason, here is a reminder. Those scores of passed out sunbathers that you repeatedly walked by were unconscious, in part, because alcohol took water out of their Nubian bodies, just as does heat. A lethal one-two punch! This is not good! Let me be clear:
Beer + Hot Sun + Golf = Not Good
Fun yes, but not good!

In order to play optimal golf (or at least respectable golf) during the hot months, be sure to always stay well hydrated. A good formula to follow is 8 oz. of water every twenty minutes. This will keep you from feeling full and your body should absorb most of it, preventing you from recycling said water back into nature. You must augment this formula should you decide to incorporate a libation or two into your round. For each alcoholic beverage you consume, you should take in at least an additional 8 oz. of water.

In addition to following these rules of hydration, here are a few more tips to ease your pain during the heat wave:
  • Ped Socks - Instead of torturing your dogs, give these footy socks a try. They are quite thin and breathable and make the 15th-18th hole much more bearable.
  • Cord Grips - They are harsh on your hands to start, but these grips absorb a lot of water and in turn make the grips stickier. Big Bonus there!
  • Morning Tee Times - Beat the heat. If you tee off at 7:30, you're done by 11. Or you should be anyway, thus avoiding the scalding afternoons.
  • Bull Frog - Coat yourself with the highest SPF protection you can find. Bull Frog is typically the most readily available brand with better than a 45 SPF rating.
Reading the Line
Someone explain to me!
To you, the faithful readers of Off the Fringe, I apologize for breaking from the usual format of "Reading the Line", but a current situation on the PGA Tour deserves to be recognized.

I don't get it. I have searched hard for a reason that the golfing public has marked Phil Mickelson as cheer-worthy. Phil is a guy who was born with a silver spoon and who has done nothing but waffle when the big golf moments presented themselves. Why is he now the peoples champion? We traditionally root for the underdog, the guy that fights against all odds and triumphs. Thats not Phil. Forgive my cynical view, but can someone please explain to me how a man living perhaps the most charmed life on tour just became the guy who doesn't have enough? Or perhaps there is a perfectly good reason the number two player in the world who has more career money than anyone besides Tiger, is now the guy that Chili Dip Chuck feels best represents him in the world of golf? I understand cheering for the competition and for the underdog scrapper, but Phil is a lost cause. Nice guy sure, but its like watching Tin Cup over and over again hoping Roy will finally listen to Romeo about the 7 iron! It just ain't gonna happen!

Wasn't anyone paying attention this past weekend to Jonathan Kaye? Now, Kaye is an example of a real blue-collar guy. Heck, he taught himself how to play. Kaye, is the epitome of the underdog scrapper we Americans normally rally behind. He gets suspended for potty humor. He didn't back down when the fight seemed over. And he gave a real reply when asked how he felt about not winning instead of the politically correct drivel that Mickelson spews in every interview. Kaye said in essence, "Yeah I wish I would have won and yeah I cost myself the tournament. But I'll be back. Count on it."

And for the record, for those of you who didn't catch it, Kaye's caddy, who suffers from Crohns disease, was IV bagged the night before the final round for dehydration. Walking 18 with a bag the very next day must have been brutal, but he persevered.

Look, I am not trying to say that Mickelson isn't fun to watch. Nor am I trying to suggest that he should not be cheered for great shots. But give it a rest. Non-stop lauding of a perennial second-place multimillionaire seems uncomfortable and incongruous on so many levels. For goodness sake even Phil has no idea where this is coming from. The guy looks as comfortable getting a standing ovation as Shaquille O'neal does squeezing into a size six cocktail dress.

And by the way, the standing O's are great for the game. But spread those babies around folks! Lots of good shots and even better stories are out there. Just watch and listen. Maybe you'll even read one here!

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