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July 25, 2002
Volume I, Issue 6
Fringe Clippings
A Visa "priceless"!
Golf Week - 47 Nigerians signed up to enter the regional qualifying for the British Open held at Hadley Wood Golf Club in North London. Seemed liked a large contingent, but what the heck, they paid their 90 pounds to enter. With only five actually showing up at the qualifying event, some have concluded that the "golfers" used the event as a ruse to gain illegal entry into Great Britain. Ya think?
No, really?
Associated Press - WorldCom lost its namesake PGA Tour event Monday, less than one day after the troubled telecommunications company filed for bankruptcy. Heritage Classic Foundation said it terminated its contract with the company, which owns MCI — the nation's No. 2 long-distance carrier — on Monday. WorldCom missed recent payments on its $1.9 million sponsorship fee.
OK, now what's your lame excuse?
Associated Press - When a 74-year-old one-armed man made his second hole-in-one on a New Mexico golf course last week, there were most assuredly pigs flying in you know where! Art Baird used a 5-iron to ace a par-3, 135-yard No. 7 hole at the Municipal Golf Course in Clovis, NM. Baird's first hole-in-one was in Apache Junction, Arizona, in 1991. Baird lost his right arm in an accident in 1952, and then started swinging a golf club to strengthen his left wrist. "I never played with two arms, and I've never used my prosthesis when I play golf," Baird said. "I've had to make compensations because of the one arm, but there are so few things I can't do, I can't even think of anything."
Sportsmanship — it's a beautiful thing!
Hale Irwin and Jim Thorpe have kissed and made up. Irwin accepted an apology from Jim Thorpe, who earlier had criticized the Senior PGA Tour's career victory leader. "He called me yesterday and explained his side of it and offered an apology, which I have accepted," Irwin said on the eve of the SBC Senior Open, a tournament he's won three times. "Our conversation was adequate for me," he said. He declined to elaborate on details of his phone talk with Thorpe.
Paralysis by Analysis
Hold the club this way, stupid!

Ah the debate over how one should hold the club. It is a timeless conundrum that anyone who has ever attempted to play our fine game has encountered at some point. There is the overlap, the interlock and the baseball grip. (Please reference any golf instruction book for diagrams on these grips.) There have been a few other styles of an incredibly unique nature, but none so proven as the aforementioned.

So which one should you use? We really don't care which one you decide on. It's up to you. Do what feels the most comfortable!

The problem that most new golfers will find is that initially the baseball grip is the most comfortable. It's only natural to have that reaction. The other two are awkward combinations that the hands are unaccustomed to making. Please note, however, that the baseball grip is widely considered the least efficient of the three. Here are some tips for finding the right grip for your swing:
  • Large Hands - You know what they say: large hands, large grips. Your choice of grips is wide open to your discretion. Because of your command around the grip of the club be sure to test out the overlap grip extensively, as it is widely considered the most efficient.
  • Small Hands - Use as many variations as possible and hit quite a few balls with each. Keeping notes is extremely important as well. How your hands feel at impact, ball flight and divots are all important.
  • Nervous hands - Use the overlap. It is more precise in its orientation to your hand. If you are like Sergio and tend to re-grip a lot, be sure you try to use the overlap grip.
  • Twice a year chop - Go with the baseball grip! You're only there to smack the fertilizer out of the ball anyway, so just go with it and have fun!
The problem that experienced golfers have is that they hang on to preconceived notions of what is right and wrong. If you are good and want to tinker with your game a bit, try a new grip and get over your insolence!
Reading the Line
No ... It can't be ...
If anyone wakes me up I am going to be very upset! It has to be a dream. Tiger did not win, and somehow, someway a Major Championship was still more entertaining than watching pre-Pam Anderson Baywatch re-runs! Its a phenomenon! Congratulations abound! First and foremost of course to Ernie Els, British Open Champion! The rest are in no particular order. Stuart Appleby, for holding it together and making birdie on 18 (in regulation play)! Thomas Levet, for thumbing the old school idea that not losing is the same as winning. He stood up and said if I am going to win, I am going to win. It may not have been smart, but it was honest! Steve Elkington: froth, bubbles and the wobbly boot couldn't stop the saucy Aussie from almost stealing the Open Championship. The list could go on forever, but it won't.
0 for 2, bureaucracy loses
Nearly fifty Nigerians get into the U.K. under the guise of attempting to qualify for the Open. Five show up for their qualifying rounds. The rest are still unaccounted for. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, was denied entry to the Muirfield Course during a practice round because he did not have his ID card on him. Have we really lost all our sense? Give that gate guard an 'A' for following directions, an 'F' for independent thought.
It's my party and I'll invite who I want
If the Boy Scouts of America, Womens fitness clubs nationwide, and NAMBLA can exist in this great country, then I think it is possible for the Augusta National Golf Club to decide whom they want to admit as members. Remember, everyone — before you get more liberal than an Ellen Degeneres joke — it is a private club. They can do what they want for no particular reason, and you don't have to like it. They do!
That there fella is one of us
Tiger Woods may have done more for his image this weekend by shooting 81 than if he had won the third leg of the slam. Woods shot 81! On my best day in that condition I can shoot an 81! That means he is human. Not all human, of course, but like 25% at least. Tiger couldn't get his bouncers bouncing Saturday at the Open. None of us knows what its like to win the way he wins. But all of us know what its like to be partially lobotomized by our own mediocrity.
I'll second that motion!
Colin, Colin, Colin. Just when we thought you might be changing the tune of your blow-horn. Mrs. Doubtfire has really soiled his knickers this time with the press. In lambasting the media after his 84 at Muirfield, Colin said he would not be playing in the next three tournaments. He was upset because he was not treated the same as Tiger after his blow-up round. Hey Colin, why not try not playing anymore period? At least you won't have to deal with us.
It's not my fault — they gave me this job
The feedback has been pouring in lately, and I could not be more excited about the quantity and quality of the response from our readers. I hope that you will continue to write and provide continued insight into what you want to see and the degree of tilt you think you can stand. I will continue to provide my Off the Fringe ramblings every other week as long as you allow. Thank you so much everyone for your continued support!

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