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September 18, 2002
Volume I, Issue 10
Fringe Clippings
If you can't say something nice...
Associated Press - As a prelude (first salvo) to the upcoming Solheim Cup, Sept. 20-22 at Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Minn., Catrin Nilsmark of Sweden made some disparaging remarks about the Americans' team. Among other remarks, she called Michelle Redman, a "No Talent" and referred to Christie Kerr as a little brat. Let the games begin! Oh, by the way, Catrin Nilsmark did not qualify for the European team.
Getting paid
GolfWorld Business - Phil Mickelson has signed a contract to endorse Ford Motor Company. The endorsement will be emblazoned on Philly Mick's shirt and he will be used in their promotional advertising. Financial terms of the deal were left undisclosed. Gee, and we thought Ford's motto was, "Quality is job 1." Seems like Ford is still happy with second place.
Would you like that with a bow?
Associated Press - LPGA star Beth Bauer has wrapped up her tour's rookie race. With a tie for 16th at last week's Safeway Classic, Bauer assured herself of beating out Natalie Gulbis in the rookie points race. More importantly for Bauer this distinction will get her into a few of the invitation only events that occur from October - December.
Did you copy that Ghost Rider?
Associated Press - Kinko's, the copy and business solution specialists, has officially thrown its hat into the ring. The conglomerate has signed an agreement to become the "Official Document Services Provider of the PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour." Also Kinko's will become the title sponsor of a new Senior PGA Tour event in Austin, Texas, May 5-11, 2003, at The Hills Country Club.
Paralysis by Analysis
Try real hard to relax!

My goodness, how many times have you been told to relax on the golf course? If you had a way to measure this advice and how often it is dispensed your brilliance as a mathematician would be greatly sought after by NASA.

There is no need to have uptight golfers filling the courses, but I do think that trying to relax is a tad on the oxymoronic side! Golf is not and never will be Yoga or Tantra. It requires focus, concentration, physical agility and controlled aggression. Relaxing requires beach sand and a frozen umbrella drink.

Here is a different thought to carry in your bag the next time you tee it up: Be at ease. This was the advice of the late, great Harvey Penick. He felt that if you tried to relax too much, you would either become very tense trying to relax or fall over from drowsiness.

The idea of golf is to be at ease. Although there are some exceptions to this rule, not many people play good golf when they are not at ease. Again, golf is a game of controlled aggression. We are striking a ball and sending it screaming through the air at great speeds and it must drop from very high altitudes! This is not a relaxing act. It can be manipulated to a certain extent, however, through being at ease with yourself and your game.

Here are some tips to help play at-ease golf:
  • Stretch for at least ten minutes before teeing off.
  • Try not to consume caffeinated beverages before or during a round.
  • If you had a very bad day at work, just hit balls for a while to clear your mind before teeing off and help get you in golf mode.
  • Do not play for money if you cannot keep your mind off the bet.
  • If you hit a bad shot, think of the best things (spouse, kids, car, really great smoker in your back yard!) in your life to get you smiling again.
  • Play with people you like!
Each golfer will vary to some degree in figuring out what it takes to put them at ease. As long as no laws are broken and you still enjoy the game, do what you need to do to prepare to play at-ease golf.
Reading the Line
Fueling the fire
Catrin Nilsmark, you have about as much business critiquing Solheim Cup players as John Daly does a ballet class! Thanks for giving the girls something to rally behind, though! For the record, has anyone seen fellow countryman and ignoramus, Jarmo Sandelin lately?
Now for the last time, marketing is not about what some of you like, it's about what the majority likes. Exhibit A: This years Skins Game participants are Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Mark O'Meara and Fred Couples. The first two are no-brainers, the last two, simple likability. O'Meara and Couples clearly have done nothing worthy enough to play into this event. In men's golf its charisma, in women's it charisma plus attractiveness. I didn't make these rules; you the consuming public did. You vote with your remote control.
Mrs. Burke...
You were beginning to make head way in your case against Augusta National. Although you were not right, you had started the dialog, gained notoriety, and claimed the "moral" high ground. Well baby, ya totally blew it last week and showed your true colors. Appears to me your moral high ground is false, self-serving drivel. OK, so why am I upset with you Martha?

For those of you who might not have caught the Monday, September 9 edition of Jim Rome's sports talk show, The Last Word, let me explain. Jim was hosting the perfunctory hot sport topic debate, which on this night was the Augusta National controversy. The evening guests included John Feinstein, Lee Elder and Martha Burke.

Given the last chance to speak, Martha Burk's final comment of the evening was that this would be the last time this week (9/9 - 9/16) that she would be speaking for the NCWO about golf. This was because, as she put it, she wanted to honor the victims of 9/11!.

HOW NOBLE, Martha! You should be nominated for Sainthood. You used this national tragedy to wrap yourself in a pretentious, posturing, self-serving comment. Almost made you look like you got it — golf is just a game.

Not only did you discount the victims of 9/11 with your agenda-filled statement, you disrespected them as well! If you wanted to honor them, perhaps you should have declined the interview until there was a more appropriate time! Or perhaps you could have asked Mr. Rome to join you in raising funds for the victims' families. I am sure, Mrs. Burke, that there were some touched by your overwhelming display of goodwill, but here on Earth we like our philanthropy non-manufactured!

It is time that you and the NCWO fade away. Forever.

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