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Golf Glossary

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ACE a term used when a golfer makes a hole in one! In other words, the tee shot is hit and it goes into the hole -- how about that!
ADDRESS contrary to popular belief, this is not where the mailman delivers to but it is the position of one's body taken just before the golfer hits the ball. You will often hear the term "addressing the ball" which means the golfer is standing there preparing to hit the ball.
ALBATROSS an old British name for a double eagle. What's that you say, two eagles? No, it means you scored 3 under par on a single hole! In other words, you scored a 2 on a par 5 hole. It's a very good score and doesn't happen very often.
APPROACH this is a short or medium iron, which is played into the green. Often referred to as an "approach shot".

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