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Golf Glossary

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BACKSPIN this is a reverse spin, which causes the ball to stop very quickly on the green.
BACKSWING the backward part of the swing starting from the ground and going back over the top of the golfer's head.
BAIL OUT a shot played to the "safe" part of the course. For example if the flag is right next to the water and the golfer intentionally shoots away from the flag to avoid the water -- thus "bailing out"
BALL MARKER a token or small coin which is placed directly just behind the ball in order to mark the position of the ball on the green. This is usually done to allow another player who is farther away to put without hitting any other balls.
BALL RETRIEVER a long pole with a scoop on the end of it used to get balls out of water hazards.
BALL WASHER com'on, this one is self explanatory. These are found all over the golf courses usually at the tee boxes. They clean and wash your ball.
BANANA BALL a slice that curves in a banana like shape from left to right (for right-handed golfers).
BASEBALL GRIP holding the golf club like one would hold a baseball bat. All 10 fingers are on the grip.
BEACH an expression for sandtrap. (i.e. I'm in the beach)
BENT GRASS type of grass which is found in mostly in northern climates.
BERMUDA GRASS now think about this one for just a minute. This is a type of grass found mostly in southern climates, as it is tougher and more resilient to harsh sunlight. Kind of like you would find in...that's right Bermuda! You are a genius!
BIRDIE a score of 1 under per for a hole. (i.e. a score of 3 on a par 4 hole)
BITE a term used for the action of the backspin on the ball stopping it very quickly on the green.
BOGEY a score of 1 over par on a hole. (i.e. a score of 5 on a par 4 hole)
BUNKER another name for a sandtrap.

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