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Golf Glossary

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CADDIE a person who carries a players clubs during play and offers assistance in accordance with the rules.
CARRY the distance in the air that a ball must travel before it hits the ground. (i.e. you need 160 yards to carry the water means you need to hit the ball 160 yards in the air to clear the water)
CASUAL WATER no this not water dressed in blue jeans and T-shirt but rather any temporary puddles of water on the course which are not supposed to be there, like say for instance after a rainstorm. There is no penalty for a player to move his ball out of casual water.
CHIP IN this happens when you hit a chip shot (see above) into the cup. (Note: this is usually good!)
CHIP SHOT a short approach shot with a low trajectory usually hit from close to the green.
CHOKE this word has two meanings. One is to grip lower on the club than normal (you may hear the term "choke down" on the club) The other definition in golf (and most other sports) means to collapse under pressure (i.e. he "choked" under the pressure of the Masters).
CHOP to hit the ball with a hacking motion or the word immediately after "pork".
CLUBHEAD the hitting area of the golf club.
CLUBHOUSE the main building at the golf course where players usually go to have refreshments and tell about their 2 under par round (note: at times, you can actually see their noses grow!)
COURSE RATING the difficulty of a course. Usually the higher the course rating the harder it is.
CUP the thing in the hole that holds the flagstick.

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