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Golf Glossary

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DEUCE hmmm, now lets see, if an ace is a hole in one, then a deuce must be a hole in two! That's right Sherlock! It is a score of 2 on a hole!
DIMPLE the small round indentations on the golf ball. A lot of really smart guys (some call them scientists) got together and figured out how many dimples would be the ball fly straight and true.
DIVOT a piece of ground that is taken up by the club after hitting the ball. A good golfer ALWAYS replaces his divots and tamps them back down so they will grow back again!
DOGLEG this is one of two things. It is either one of four things that Rover walks on or it is a hole that goes straight for a while then has a bend (or "dogleg") to the left or right. You decide which fits here!
DOUBLE BOGEY a score of two over par for one hole. These are not very good!
DOUBLE EAGLE NO, this is NOT two eagles, but it is a good score for one hole! In fact it is an excellent score for one hole -- three under par for one hole! (I.e. a two on a par five!) This is also referred to as an "albatross".
DOWNHILL LIE the ball is on the downslope of a hill. When a right-handed player addresses the ball his right foot will be higher than his left foot.
DRAIN to make a putt ("drain it")
DRAW SHOT this is when a right-handed player hits a controlled hook, which goes from right to left.
DRIVE this is the term which means your tee shot. It is also usually the way you get to the golf course.
DRIVER this is the club known as the 1 wood. It is usually the club that hits the ball the farthest. It is also a person that very rich people have to haul them around.
DROP this is a way that you get the ball back in play after hitting a shot into the water or out of bounds. This also happens to waitresses when they carry too many plates.
DUB a poorly hit shot. I "dubbed" that shot.
DUFFER one who hits a lot of bad shots. Can also be called a "hacker".

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