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Golf Glossary

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FACE this is what you see when you look in the mirror and it is also the part of the clubhead that makes contact with the ball.
FADE this is a shot (for a right-handed golfer) which curves gradually from left to right.
FAIRWAY this is the area on the golf course, which lies directly between the tee box and the green and is cut really short and maintained really nice. You want to hit from this area if at all possible.
FAT SHOT this is a shot which is not good. The club hits the ground behind the ball and results in a poorly struck shot that usually doesn't go very far.
FLAGSTICK com'on, you gotta know this one.
FLUB see dub above.
FOLLOW-THROUGH the continuation of the golf swing to the end.
FORE this is spelled differently than the number 4. This is the term yelled when one hits a shot toward another person on the golf course to alert him/her of impending doom from being hit by the ball.
FOURSOME a term given to a group of ... come on ... how many players do you think? (hint: 4!)
FREE DROP a drop that you don't have to pay for, really that is correct, you get to drop the ball and don't have to add a stroke to your score. This can happen when there is casual water on the course or ground under repair.
FRINGE the closely cut area just around the edge of the green.
FRONT SIDE the first nine holes is usually referred to as the "front side".

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