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Golf Glossary

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GIMME a term for a putt that is close enough to the cup that it will certainly be made so the other player says "it's a gimme" and the player doesn't have to putt it. However, he does need to add this stroke to his score!
GRAIN this is the direction that the grass on the green is growing.
GREEN this is a color and also the term used to describe the putting surface on the golf course.
GRIP this refers to either the part of the shaft by which the club is held by the golfer or the manner in which the golfer holds the club. (i.e. an overlapping grip)
GROSS the total number of strokes a player takes on his round.
GROUND UNDER REPAIR an area on the golf course that is being repaired. Golfers are able to take a "free drop" if their ball ends up in ground under repair.
GROUNDING THE CLUB placing the clubhead on the ground behind the ball at address position.

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