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Golf Glossary

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HACKER a golfer who is not very skilled. Same as a duffer.
HANDICAP the number of strokes a player may deduct from his actual (or gross) score to adjust his score to that of a scratch golfer.
HAZARD a hazard is any sand trap, lake, pond, bunker, etc. that may cause problems on the golf course. It is normally a good idea to avoid a hazard on the golf course
HEEL what you tell your dog to do when walking him/her OR the part of the clubhead nearest the shaft.
HOLE a 4 inch round receptacle that you try to get your ball into.
HOLE HIGH an approach shot which is even with the hole but off to one side.
HOLE OUT the process of a player completing the hole.
HOLE-IN-ONE see ACE above.
HONOR the privilege of hitting first on the next tee. The "honor" is gained by having the lowest score on the preceding hole.
HOOK to hit the ball and have it curve gradually from right to left (for right-handed golfers).
HOSEL the hollow part of the clubhead that the shaft fits into.

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