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Golf Glossary

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LAG to putt the ball with the intention of leaving it short of the hole so that the golfer is able to have a very easy putt on the next shot.
LATERAL HAZARD any hazard that runs parallel to the fairway.
LIE this is what you tell your wife when she asks if you wane to work and you really went golfing OR it is the position that the ball ends up when it comes to rest on the ground.
LINKS another word for a golf course. This originally meant a seaside course.
LIP the top rim of the cup or what you have two of on your face.
LOB SHOT a shot that goes straight up in the air and stops very quickly on the green.
LOCAL RULES a set of rules for a particular golf course as determined by that course.
LOFT this is an apartment in England OR it is the angle of the clubface from vertical.

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