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Golf Glossary

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PAR the number of stokes that is recommended to take to complete a hole (or 18 holes).
PENALTY STROKE an additional stroke which is added to a golfers score for a rules violation, going out of bounds, losing a ball, or various other situations.
PIN this is the flagstick or the pole that is in the cup.
PITCH a short high arcing shot that lands on the green and usually stops quickly
PITCH AND RUN same as a pitch but hit with a lesser lofted club which causes it to roll farther
PIVOT the rotation of the shoulders, waist, and pelvis during the golf swing
PLAYING THROUGH the process of slower players in front of faster players allowing the faster players to move ahead of the slower group
PREFERRED LIE a lie that may be improved by a player.
PRO SHOP the golf course shop operated by the golf pro.
PROVISIONAL BALL an additional ball which is hit in case the first ball can not be found. If the first ball is found, it is played. If the first ball is not found, the provisional must be played and the player is assessed a penalty stroke.
PULL a ball that is pulled (or hit) to the left of the target (for right-handers)
PUSH a ball that is pushed (or hit) to the right of the target (for right-handers)
PUTT the shot that rolls on the green hit with the putter.
PUTTER the club with a flat face used to putt. Often called the "flat stick"
PUTTING GREEN the surface area around the hole that is specially prepared for putting.

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