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Golf Glossary

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SAND TRAP the common name for a sand hazard. These are areas that are filled with sand and should be avoided.
SAND WEDGE an iron normally used to hit the ball out of the sand. It can also be used on short pitch shots.
SANDBAGGER this is a golfer who purposely tells others that he is a worse golfer than he really is in order to gain an edge in competition.
SANDY a player makes a sandy when he hits a shot out of the sand and sinks the following putt.
SCRATCH GOLFER a player who has a handicap of 0. This player will theoretically shoot even par or better every time out.
SHORT GAME the part of the game made up of chipping, putting and other shots around the green.
SHOTGUN START a method of starting play where players go to every tee box on the golf course and hit their tee shots at the same time. Sometimes a horn is sounded to start play.
SIDE this is a term, which is interchangeable with the word "nine" as in front side which means the front nine, or front nine holes. Now if you are really smart, you can also figure out that the back side is the back nine, or last nine holes!
SIDEHILL LIE this refers to a lie when the ball is resting on a slope and the golfer's feet are either above or below the ball.
SLICE this is either a piece of bread or a shot struck by a golfer which curves pretty severely from left to right (for a right-handed golfer).
SNAKE this is given to a player in a friendly game when the player three putts. Whoever has the snake at the end of the round usually 'gets' to treat the other players to a soda.
STARTER this is the person who is responsible for sending the groups of players off the first tee. Usually the starter is located somewhere close to the first hole.
STIMPMETER this is a device which is used to calibrate the speed of the greens. Often referred to as 'stimp'. A reading of 5 to 11 is the normal range with 5 being slow and 11 being extremely (PGA) fast!
STROKE this is often used in the following context: "How many strokes are you giving me?" Which means how many shots or additional swings are you giving me to even out the match. It can also be the term used for the actual process of swinging the club through the ball.
SUDDEN DEATH this is a method of breaking a tied match by playing extra holes. The first player to win a hole is the winner.
SUMMER RULES ordinary rules according to the rulebook.
SWEET SPOT the center point of the face of the club. When you hit it here it feels really good!

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