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Golf Glossary

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TAKEAWAY this is what a golfer does when he starts the backswing.
TEE this is the wooden (usually) peg which is used to hold the ball up for driving. It is also the term for the area where play begins on a particular hole (i.e. the third tee is where the third hole starts)
TEXAS WEDGE the term for the putter when it is used from off the green.
THREESOME hmmm, now if you think about this you might just get it. Hint: it refers to three players playing in the same group.
TIGHT FAIRWAY a narrow fairway with not much area on either side to miss.
TOE this is a term for what you have on your feet OR is refers to the part of the club farthest from where it joins the shaft.
TRAJECTORY the flight path of the ball. If it goes way up in the air it is referred to a high trajectory.
TURN to start the back nine holes. To "make the turn" means you have finished the 1st nine holes and are "turning" to the 2nd nine.

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